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Sugar Sag! Aka Skin Glycation

Have you heard of sugar sag or skin glycation? It's the process by which the consumption of sugar in your diet impacts your skin aging - so yes, you are what you eat!

Glycation is the chemical reaction that occurs between sugar, protein, fats and nucleic acids in your cells and it leads to the development of AGES, or advanced glycation end products. We know that in all organisms the accumulation of AGEs in cells is linked to cellular damage, cellular aging and ultimately the overall aging process of humans.

AGES accumulate in skin more rapidly in sun exposed areas and interact with free radical formation from UV exposure. These 2 different processes act together leading to DNA damage, dysfunction of the skin cells and ultimately the aging of the skin. Skin glycation usually appearances as thickened, deep wrinkles in sun exposed areas.

You need to be aware of the amount of sugar in your diet, but also how you are preparing your food. We know that roasting or BBQing your food leads to the formation of AGEs in your food, at higher levels than for instance, boiling.

Both the type of food you are eating, as well as how it is prepared can lead to AGE formation, which ultimately leads to damaged skin and sugar sag!

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