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Plexr (Plasma Soft Surgery)

Isolaz is a type of acne treatment that uses a combination of intense pulsed light and vacuum suction to deep clean the pores and reduce inflammation.


Plexr (or plasma soft surgery) is a non-surgical treatment used to lift the eyes (blepharoplasty), or any other areas with loose skin by treating skin laxity. It is also used to improve scars, treat moles, skin tags, and other unwanted superficial skin lesions. Unlike surgical treatments for these problems, Plexr does not require general anesthetic, and recovery time is much shorter. 


The Plexr device creates plasma by ionizing gas particles between its probe and the skin, creating an electrical arc. The technology is very precise so specific areas like the eyelids can be treated without touching or harming the skin. 


Plexr has a wide range of uses. The most popular is non-surgical blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), but it can also be used for wrinkles/rytides, superficial skin lesions, scars, acne, and keloid scars.


The first part of the process is to start with a consultation where we discuss what you’re looking to achieve and assess your skin. Once a direction is agreed upon it’s time for your first session.


During your session, depending on what the area is that’s being treated patients will either be given a local anesthetic or topical anesthetic cream which takes around 45 minutes to take effect. There is no need for them to have local anesthetic injections, go under general anesthetic or stay in the hospital. Non-surgical eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty) will be done with the anesthetic cream while moles and keloid scars may require an injection. 


Treatment can usually be done in 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the area. Patients have reported some procedures using Plexr as being painless with the anesthetic cream, but the treatment area of the eye area may still have a level of discomfort and it may feel prickly.


Plexr is more than simple tightening, skin is actually removed so the effects should last as long as they would with invasive surgery. Like all surgical and cosmetic procedures, the effects of Plexr are not entirely permanent as it does not halt any further aging. But the positive results should last years as opposed to months.


One to three treatments may be needed for each area at 6-8 week intervals.

Who is this for?

Plexr is a great option for anyone looking for a non-surgical way to give their eyes a lift or tighten loose skin on other areas of their body.

Preparation & Aftercare

Before your session discontinue any strong creams like retinoids about 4 days before your treatment. If you have any infection or irritation on your skin, please call the clinic before your treatment – it may have to be delayed. We cannot treat close to or over an active cold sore. Inform us if you are on any strong medications or if you have any new medical concerns do not have excessive sun exposure before Plexr. Do not come to the treatment sunburned. This increases the risk of ending up with excessive pigmentation after Plexr.

Afterward, you can expect scabs, edema, and redness as they are part of the normal healing process and skin replacement. Normally this lasts 7-20 days. Keep the treated area clean, dry, and protected using broad-spectrum sunscreen. Mineral makeup may be applied. Avoid exposing the area to extremes of heat or cold until it has completely healed.

Before & After

Pricing & Special Offers

  • Forehead $500 per session

  • Lesion $75-$150 per session

  • Upper Eyelids $1800 per session

  • Lower Eyelids $750 per session

  • Upper Lip Only $750 per session

  • Perioral $1500 per session

  • Full Neck $1800 per session

  • Submental $750 per session

  • Jowl $600 per session

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