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Small Changes Make a Big Difference

And when it comes to natural-looking results, Dr. Kim Meathrel has it down to a science.

Cosmetic and Surgical Procedures with a Personalized Touch


Trusted, certified, and precise, Dr. Meathrel leads Bespoke Skin MD with two decades of experience (and the utmost compassion).


Teamwork makes the dream work – and from our perspective, you’re the most important member on the team. 


Ask the big questions. We’re here to answer them. Unload the big feelings. We promise, the space is safe. 


Bespoke Skin MD is committed to excellence in all aspects of our practice – beginning with your initial consultation to post-procedure and beyond. 


Our team cares, every step along the way.

Where Inner Beauty Meets Outer Confidence


Your individual needs and aesthetic goals are as unique as you are – it’s why we devise a plan of action for each client, tailored to your desired outcome. 


Stay one step ahead of the aging process, tweak your best feature, or address a physical concern – cosmetic and surgical procedures offer a variety of options. 

Whether it’s liposuction or a face lift, ear pinning or brow lifting (among many other services), Bespoke Skin MD provides natural-looking, high-quality care for all your cosmetic and surgical needs.


We may leave an extra pep in your step, too. 


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