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UK Bans Botox and Filler in Youth Under 18

Yesterday the UK parliament based a law that would ban Botox and filler in youth under 18. Interesting, why would they need to do this?

The demand of injectables in youth has been rapidly rising in the last few years, likely due to social media influencer and TikTok culture. Celebrities and influencers have been convincing kids that they need to change their faces in order to be beautiful. Of course this is ridiculous. Paralleling this rise in demand for Botox and injectables in youth is a rise in complaints due to poor outcomes.

Unlike in Canada, in the UK cosmetic injectors do not have to be doctors or nurses - anyone can inject medications into peoples' faces! This is insane! Of course, having non-medical personnel complete medical procedures will lead to complications. Facial anatomy is complex and not something that can be learned quickly.

Let me know what you think below:

1) Should injectables be banned in youth under 18 in Canada?

2) Should there be a standardized training course for all injectors to ensure the procedures are being done safely?


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