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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon's Secrets

 Dr Kim introduces PDO Threads!

This non-invasive procedure involves dissolvable sutures that lift & stimulate collagen production. It is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles.
The sutures will dissolve over 4-6months while stimulating collagen

results last 1-3 years

This procedure can be combined with Toxin and Filler to increase longevity!!


Target Areas

🌼Nasolabial folds
🌼Lip flip
🌼Smoker’s lip lines
🌼Bella brow
🌼Fox eyes!
🌼Crow’s feet
And more!!!

Dr Kim is dedicated to life long learning and shares her passion with you with our educational videos!

Watch  below and send in any questions you have for Dr Kim!

 Brow lifting with PDO Threads

We’ve had so many questions about the PDO Threads❤️
In this edition of skin sips, Dr Kim explains the difference between 3 different techniques!

🌺Bella Brow

🌺Fox Eye

🌺 Brow lift

Bespoke's Liquid Lift 💉

Dr Kim discusses our Liquid Lift and how filler can give you the effect of a facelift, with no downtime! We can customize your package to target problem areas and take years off your face!

Pachages start at $2,400 for 5 syringes!!! (Pssst thats $600 savings!)

How much is 5 syringes??  * Very Informative *

Dr. Kim explains how much volume 5 syringes adds! 💉

Our Liquid Lift package adds filler in 8 strategic locations to create a lift without making you puffy!

Microneedling + HA/Skin Health cocktail

Dr. Kim discusses Hyaluronic Acid and the MANY benefits it has for your skin! 😍

 💋Lip Flip 💋

Lip filler is so popular right now and Dr Kim does amazing lippies !


Dr Kim explains the difference between the techniques we offer at Bespoke Skin.


Some clients want elevation and definition of the red lip without adding volume. We call this a lip flip.

Botox lip flip used to be the go-to technique and remains popular but Dr. Kim’s lip thread technique is blowing up!

Decollete Options with Dr Kim

Dr Kim reviews some options for those pesky wrinkles and sun spots:

1) Xeomin for wrinkle relaxation.

2) Microneedling/Redensity 1 skin infusion cocktail (our Canada Special is still on!)

3) M22 light-based treatments for sun spots and collagen stimulation

4) Threading: PDO threads placed directly into the wrinkles/lines for filling and collagen stimulation!

All of these options can help you feel radiant in your cute summer dress 🌺

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