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Keep your Bucket Topped up! Collagen Loss and Skin Aging

One of the main factors that leads to skin aging is loss of collagen from the dermal layer of our skin. This loss of collagen leads to the formation of texture charges, skin laxity,

wrinkles + other signs of aging. The loss of supportive collagen with age is also thought to contribute to the dilation of the small superficial blood vessels of the skin (capillaries) leading to their more prominent appearance in aged skin.

This loss of collagen starts in our mid-20's. Up until that point, our collagen production and breakdown rates are fairly equivalent. By our mid 20's the breakdown starts to exceed the buildup leading to a net loss in collagen. The rate this process happens is controlled both by your genetics but also by your habits: tanning, smoking, drug use etc. all accelerate the breakdown process of collagen in your skin + the onset of signs of aging.

I picture a bucket of collagen- up until our mid 20's the bucket remains full, but then we start to spring a leak in our bucket. The rate of the leak is accelerated by your habits and with age. At this point, there is nothing we can do to completely stop the leak so the goal is to keep filling up your collagen bucket at a faster rate, or at least equivalent rate than the bucket is leaking. The earlier you get on top of the leak the better! And the more full your bucket remains if you keep topping it up.

Any of our collagen stimulating treatments are working to refill our collagen buckets, keeping our skin look youthful + healthy. The goal is to trick your body to healing + producing collagen through controlled, micro-injury to the skin. The keys being controlled + micro.