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Travelling internationally for plastic surgery or hair transplant is a risk to your health

There are several reasons why traveling internationally for plastic surgery may not be the best idea:

  1. Quality and safety concerns: Different countries have different standards when it comes to healthcare and surgery. Some countries may have less strict regulations, lower quality facilities, and less qualified surgeons. This can increase the risk of complications and post-surgery infections. In Ontario, all independent surgical facilities must meet the strict standards of the College of Physicians of Ontario. And while adhering to these strict standards means additional overhead costs to the clinics and surgeons, is also means you can be assured about the safety and sterility of your procedure.

  2. Limited follow-up care: After undergoing plastic surgery, it's important to have proper follow-up care to ensure proper healing and address any complications. If you travel abroad for surgery, it may be difficult or impossible to access follow-up care if you experience any issues. Additionally, having to seek local care for a complication that was caused internationally creates difficulty in obtaining medical records, may involve bacteria that are not usually found in Canada and surgical techniques or devices that are not approved for use in Canada.

  3. Language barriers: If you don't speak the language of the country where you're having surgery, it may be difficult to communicate effectively with your surgeon and medical staff. This can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications, which can negatively impact your surgery and recovery.

  4. Travel-related risks: Traveling to another country for surgery can come with its own set of risks, including flight cancellations, delays, and lost luggage. And prolonged travel close to surgery also increased the risk of deep vein thrombosis or DVT. These are blood clots in your legs that can be potentially fatal.

Overall, while international travel for plastic surgery may seem like a cost-effective option, it can come with significant risks and downsides. It's in your best health to choose a qualified surgeon closer to home where you have access to follow-up care and can communicate effectively with medical staff.

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