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How do I get rid of sunspots, age spots or liver spots on my skin?

Sunspots, also known as age spots or liver spots, are areas of hyperpigmentation that develop on the skin as a result of exposure to the sun's UV rays. While they are harmless, many people find them unsightly and wish to remove them. Here are some ways to get rid of sunspots:

  1. Use topical treatments: There are a variety of creams and serums that can help fade sunspots over time. Look for products that contain ingredients like hydroquinone, vitamin C, kojic acid, or retinol. It is important to remember that any topical product will take a minimum of 12 weeks before you see any difference in your skin.

  2. Try chemical peels: Chemical peels use acids to exfoliate the top layer of skin, revealing fresher, more even-toned skin underneath. These should be done in clinic by our professionals as improper use of home chemical peels can damage your skin. There any many different types of chemical peels available, each with a different target, depth and recovery time.

  3. Use laser therapy or light therapy: Laser therapy uses a variety of wavelenghts to help remove pigment, there are many different types of lasers used and the best option for you will depend on your skin type, goals and the amount of downtime you can accept. Our most popular laser treatments include our Clear and Brilliant Laser and our Fotona laser. Light therapy known as intense pulsed light (IPL) or Broad band light (BBL) to target and break up the pigment in sunspots. This treatment in clinic treatment may require multiple sessions.

  4. Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy the melanin-producing cells in sunspots. It is a quick and effective treatment, but may leave some scarring.

  5. Protect your skin from the sun: The best way to prevent sunspots from forming is to protect your skin from the sun's UV rays. Wear protective clothing, use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50, and avoid spending time in the sun during peak hours.

It's important to note that sunspots may return even after treatment, especially if you continue to expose your skin to the sun. To maintain the results of any treatments, be sure to protect your skin from the sun and follow a good skincare routine of medical grade products.

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