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Fall in Love with Your Skin with our Fotona Laser!

Laser resurfacing is one of the most popular treatments we offer. Read on to find out how laser resurfacing works to anti-age your skin.

There are many types of lasers used both in aesthetic procedures + in medicine. Each type of laser uses a wavelength of light that has a specific target. In skin we may want to target red spots, or brown spots or maybe wrinkles or texture changes or even hair removal. There is no one laser that can be used to treatment of all these concerns.

Our Fotona laser is actually 2 lasers in one machine: Er: Yag and Nd: YAG. Because of

this we can target many different skin concerns with the same piece of equipment. Additionally, the unique Fotona platform allows the laser software to deliver the pulses of laser energy in' differing strengths, over different amounts of time and different depths.

This is how we are able to treat red veins, hair removal, lesion renewal, wrinkles, texture changes, skin tightening all with one piece of equipment! Fotona is very revolutionary in the world of aesthetics. For brown sunspots, freckles, moles, wrinkles/texture

changes we are going to use of Er: YAG-wavelength. While treating vascular lesions dilated veins, hair removal and skin tightening utilizes Nd: YAG.

Additionally our laser can be used in fully ablative mode meaning all the tissue is

removed -as required for mole or freckle removal, or in fractionated mode.

Fractionated means the laser fires a pattern of small dots deeply down into the skin leaving intact, untreated skin in between the laser dots. Thiss allows the skin to

heal faster, and reduces the risk of pigment changes that were seen with older fully ablative technology.

The fractionated mode on our equipment is very adjustable: we can adjust depth of

penetration through the skin layers, how many dots are being fired closely together (more dots means more ablation a more aggressive treatment). We can also adjust the pattern in which the dots are fired: rectangle, Square etc to more effectively treat the contoured areas of the face, neck, chest, hands or anywhere else we may be treating.

Because our laser is so highly adjustable we are able to customize our laser

resurfacing treatments to suit the skin, the goals, the amount of downtime + budget of each individual client. Our most popular fractionated laser peels are: light,

medium, deep and deep plus Sculptra.

Light peels aim to remove the most superficial layer of skin: the epidermis. This allows for a refreshed appearance with minimum downtime of 24-48 hours. The skin is slightly red immediately afterward and may feel warm like a slight sunburn. The outer layer will then feel dry + flake off are the next few days. Cleansing, and moisturizing with medical grade skin care (we recommend our isClinical products) and applying SPF is key to ensuring

best results from a light peel.

Medium peels aim slightly deeper into the skin, into the upper dermal layer. This allows for the same refreshed looked as a light peel but also produces a collagen stimulation and overall tightening effect. Downtime can be 5-7 days. It's important to understand that doing a series of light peels will not give the same results as a medium peel because of the depth of penetration into the skin is different.

The Deep fractionated peel aims more deeply into the dermis to give tightening plus collagen stimulation. The deeper the wrinkles/lines and the more lax the skin, the more aggressive we need to be with our laser depth. This peel can have 7-10-12 days of downtime. Post care is critical to success. Final results are usually apparent 4-6 months after the treatment as the skin continues to build collagen in the treated areas. Of course the depth of treatment is adjustable so deeper power and more densely packed laser "dot" can be used on more wrinkled areas like around the mouth and crows feet while a medium peel can be used on less wrinkled areas like the nose or cheeks.

Finally our Deep Sculptra Peel! This is the ultimate collagen stimulating peel.

Sculptra is a bio stimulator. We usually inject it similar to a standard HA fuller. But instead of the immediate volume boost we see with HA fillers, we get a stimulation of the body's own collagen lead to a slow volumization + tightening of the skin over 4- 6 weeks.

This gives a very natural, subtle rejuvenation that many of my mature clients desire.

During our Deep laser + Sculptra Peel. The deep Fotana laser fractionated peel is

completed. This is followed immediately by the topical application (instead of injectable) of Sculptra. The very small particles of Sculptra are able to be absorbed deeply with the skin via the laser channels. Because the laser channels are leading to the deeper dermal layer, the sculptra parties are absorbed at the layer they are most needed to produce collagen. This further enhances the skin tightening + wrinkle smoothing results of the deep fractionated peel.

Of course, the proper use of medical grade skin care + SPF is critical to a successful treatment.. Longevity of results are also prolonged by protecting your new skin with high

quality products post treatment.

Ultimately we cannot completely stop the collagen break down in skin that leads to aging, so maintenance laser treatments will be required in the future.


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