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Phototherapy/Light Therapy

Medical Grade Light Therapy that Works!

Science has shown that skin responds to different wavelengths of light. Blue light has been shown to kill the bacteria leading to acne, Red light has been shown to improve skin tone and texture. Both the wavelength of light (red, blue) and the power of the light(J/cm2 total flux) matter to results.


At Bespoke Skin MD we offer light therapy using medical grade equipment with the power necessary to make changes to the skin. Lights for home use, and lights offered at many spas are not medical grade, are under powered and not able to achieve results. See the difference medical grade makes!

Blue Light Acne Therapy

$30/15 minute session

With enough power, blue light kills the acne causing bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes. Light therapy works for mild to moderate acne. This involves treatments once per week for 8-10 treatments. Studies have shown that phototherapy clears up 70% of acne within 8-10 treatment sessions. Because acne is a chronic condition further ongoing treatment will be needed. Blue Light therapy can be added to our Silk Peel Pore Clarity treatments, Isolasz Acne therapy or enhanced by the addition of prescription drug Levulon.

Allumera Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

$395/session (with Allumera)  (Medical Grade Red Light Therapy is available on its own without Allumera for $45/15 minute session)

Allumera is a unique, first-in-class therapy exclusive to Bespoke Skin MD that has been scientifically proven to minimize the appearance of pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and crows feet, improve skin firmness and overall skin texture. Allumera is a topical photodynamic cosmoceutical that is applied to the face and left in place for 1 hour, then activiated with our medical grade red light for 10 minutes. Three treatments separated by 4 week intervals have been shown to decrease pore size, improve skin elasticity, and texture and show clinically superior results to red light therapy alone.

Photo Dynamic Therapy

$375 (Levulan) $450 (Metvix)

Many patients are able to submit PDT as a claim for most insurance companies.

PDT is a highly successful FDA and Health Canada approved treatment for the destruction of precancerous lesions (Actinic Keratosis) . There are 2 possible prescription topical medications that can be used:


  1. Levulan (5-aminolevulinic acid) Din 02243933 

  2. Metvix Din 02323273


PDT is an optimal treatment for Actinic Keratosis because it is a non-invasive method to treat an entire anatomic area at once (field treatment) instead of targeting individual AKs with liquid nitrogen, efudex or aldara. PDT has a much shorter treatment duration and recovery period compared to topical therapies for AKs . It may also result in improved cosmetic appearance of the skin and fewer sunspots. Generally, PDT is well-tolerated and involves minimal downtime from work-on average you can usually expect a period of 1 week or less before skin appears normal/ near normal.

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