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Laser Resurfacing

We have a variety of different laser treatments available to address acne,fine lines, texture changes, and skin discolourations. 

Image by Joshua Rawson-Harris


Prices range from $275 - $500 per single treatment

Packages of 6 from $1000-$2500

Our M22 IPL allows us to treat pigment and vascular imperfections, resulting in visible improvement in skin tone and overall appearance. Clinical studies have proven that regular IPL treatments stimulate collagen in the skin and act to slow the signs of skin aging.

Image by Mike Austin

Isolaz Acne Treatment

$199 per session

The Isolaz vacuum applies gentle pressure on your pores while the light helps destroy the acne causing bacteria. This helps soften and remove blackheads, dead cells, and other debris from deep in your pores, resulting in radiant, clear skin that is purified from the inside out.

Image by Tommy van Kessel 🤙

Clear & Brilliant

($395 per session, packages available)

The Clear & Brilliant is also known as "Baby Fraxel". Using the same technology as Fraxel with 2 handpieces to choose from for nonablative, fractional skin resurfacing and pigmentation improvement.  Your treatment can be paired with either our custom compounded Bespoke Skin MD antioxidant serum or platelet rich plasma to enhance your results and leave your skin clear and brilliant. The downtime is less than 24hours!


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Ablative Resurfacing

($750-$2500 depending on depth, area etc.)

Our advanced laser allows for deeper resurfacing to address skin irregularities, deeper wrinkles, texture changes, as well as remove skin lesions, ablate precancerous actinic cheilitis and treat rhinophyma.

Image by Noah Buscher

SupERficial Resurfacing

$ 450

Our Er:YAG laser is highly adjustable and can be used for fractionated, non-ablative resurfacing at progressively deeper levels.

Light Peel - $500

Medium Peel - $750

Deep Peel- $1,000 +

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